It’s normal for live-action production companies to have several directors on their roster.  It’s also normal that there may only be one or no tabletop directors.

Like Asian and European markets, U.S. commercial production has become more vertical, meaning more production resources and services under one roof.  This is a matter of necessity because agency producers and creatives time is so limited.  

Unlike some foreign markets the U.S. has not entirely embraced vertical production from concept to deliverables.  This is good and bad depending on whether you’re looking at it from the agency or client perspective.  

From the ad agency side there are some shops trying to offer soup-to-nuts but it doesn’t always produce the best work.  The best directors, composers, editors, CGI artists, etc. will be positioned with specialty houses who can bring them the best and most varied projects.  

ON the other hand, clients may enjoy the benefits of vertically integrated production through better economies, faster timelines and more efficiencies.  

So, is there a middle ground between total vertical integration and independent commercial resources?  It makes sense to take total vertical production and divide it into chunks (creative, directors/production companies and post).

  At BDP we know that matching a director to a project can be a challenge for creatives, especially in the world of tabletop specialists.  Our goal at BDP is to offer a consortium of tabletop specialists. 

Tabletop specialties include: food, beverage, ice cream, chocolate, hard-line products, soft goods, high-speed and in-camera effects, packaging, cosmetics and more.