Growing up as the daughter of a Creative Director, Nicole began to appreciate art and advertising at a young age.

Nicole’s passion for creativity lead her to join BDP as their Executive Producer. Working alongside David and using her inherent creative eye, Nicole continues to expand BDP’s roster with the most creative and collaborative industry disrupters.

After graduating with a degree in fine art, Nicole began her career in post-production working for EFILM, learning the ins and outs of color in feature film. When EFILM and Company 3 joined forces to launch their Location Based Services department, Nicole was excited to dive in at the ground level prompting her venture into advertising.

She joined Beast Editorial, heading up internal Marketing before becoming Director of Sales. As her interest in advertising expanded, so did her desire to broaden her expertise. Her next move was into music production working as Executive Producer for Elias, combining both her love of music with her post-production acumen.

Outside of BDP, you can now find her not too far from the coast where she grew up. Working on productions, chasing the morning sun and Zuma’s waves.

BDP Big Deahl Productions represents the unsung heros of commercial advertising: the highly specialized tabletop director! Our directors have helped pioneer the cinematic craft of shooting, food, beverage, products and live action for national and international clients.