Dana Mackin is the gear(s) behind the clock face. She runs the day-to-day operations of BDP offices.

Dana attended school for Theater Arts, where a fascination with makeup artistry and special effects led her onto the film school’s soundstage. It was there that Dana’s interest in film production began, especially when it comes to details and close-ups.

Returning to Los Angeles after time spent in New York City and Chicago, Dana is thrilled to defrost and join BDP as an Executive Assistant, where she’ll be assisting the team with a myriad of projects while continuing to expand her knowledge of commercial production.

In her free-time, you can find this Colorado native "singing" showtunes on the 10 Freeway at rush hour, make that “scream-singing”. Ugh!

BDP Big Deahl Productions represents the unsung heros of commercial advertising: the highly specialized tabletop director! Our directors have helped pioneer the cinematic craft of shooting, food, beverage, products and live action for national and international clients.